Friday, August 9, 2013


Eastern Washington Paragliding regularly offers Tandem flights from Baldy.                             Contact Dave at:

Basic Paragliding instruction is offered on our training hills near Yakima.

Paragliding is the most Bird like activity ever found.

Requirements:  A general ability to run down hill a few steps.
                            Weight: Under 240lbs for Solo and under 200lbs for Tandem.
                            Clothing: Tennis Shoes or Hiking boot/shoes. No flip-flops or sandals.
                            Age 15-17 require guardian signature.

A typical Tandem flight last between 15 minutes and 35 minutes. - If there are lifting air currents we can fly as high as 8,000 feet. The view from up there is amazing, it can be cold as well. We will fly near Baldy and as conditions warrant you will take the controls and fly the wing as your own.

Cost: Basic Tandem flight     $195.00
          Extended Flight               $25.00 per 15 minutes over 30 minutes.
          Short Flight - No Lift    $125.00

Flight Instruction: Basic package taking your through your P2 sign off:  $1,650.00
                              Includes: Training Manual & Book, Log book
                                               10 to 15 hr ground school
                                               30 to 50 radio supervised flights.
                                               1 or 2 Tandem flights as needed.
                                               $500 credit towards equipment purchase.
                                              20% discount on any future Clinics or Tours

Equipment: Wings $3,000 - $4,500 / Reserve $750 / Harness $950 - $1,200 / Avionics $200 and Up.